Partners & Supporters

Without the help of these people, The Christmas Tree Project wouldn’t be what it is today


  • Center for Spiritual Living, Colorado Springs
  • St. Francis of Assisi Parish
  • Unity of the Rockies
  • Blue Ribbon Farms (provides live trees)
  • Tree Land Christmas Trees (provides live trees)
  • Commonworks


  • Goodwill (provides trees and decorations)
  • Walmart (for ornaments and trees)
  • Harding Nursery (provides live trees and decorations)
  • Rampart Range Rotary Club (provides funds and volunteers)
  • East Rotary Club (provides volunteers)
  • Colorado Springs Conservatory (provides carolers for our giveaway)

Companies that have donated trees out-of-state

  • North Start Christmas Trees, Washington DC
  • Home Depot (many states!)
  • Green Fields Nursery, Baltimore MD
  • The Kinsey Family Farm, Gainesville GA