The elves at the Christmas Tree Project are overjoyed to let you know that your family has been selected to receive a free Christmas tree and decorations!

You must accept the tree within 24 hours and agree to follow 5 simple steps. If we don’t hear from you in 24 hours, the elves will need to give your tree to another family.

Five Steps to Get Your Christmas Tree

  1. Read this entire web page
  2. Reply to the text your received and say “Elves, I accept my tree and agree to follow the 5 steps!”
  3. Because you’re far from our Colorado Springs location, we will email you a Walmart gift card within 24 hours of your acceptance text—but it must only be used to buy a tree & decorations (Santa is watching!).
  4. Please visit your local Walmart within 5 days and use your unique gift card number to buy a tree and ornaments at the normal checkout. We suggest up to $70 for a tree so you can buy ornaments too.
  5. Once your tree is set up, the other elves and I would absolutely love an email with a picture of your family around the tree emailed to .

That’s it!

Thank you for letting us spread our Christmas cheer and love by becoming a part of The Christmas Tree Project!

Merry Christmas from all the elves!

Elf Debi (Ho, Ho, Ho)

P.S. Please remember to email the photo—we want to show the sponsors who made this possible that their gift brought the happiness of a Christmas tree into a family’s home.

P.S.S. We also sent an email to your email address